Ethical Mindfulness Healing Meditation

Ethical Mindfulness Healing Meditation

This 8 sessions monthly program is for people with and without religious background. It focuses on helping to manage difficult emotions. We may constantly feel frustrated, angry, wound up, stressed out, disappointed, discouraged, depressed, fed up or world-weary. Some people tend to get annoyed and irritated with others around who didn’t act what was expected. These frequent and regular negative feelings can be dealt with mindfulness practice to be controlled and contained in a much less intense and distressing way. Mindfulness practice helps us to become aware of our such “natural” or automatic negative responding patterns.

Mindfulness training involves observing and allowing our thoughts and feelings as they arise in the present. We use focused attention to develop the ability to recognize the old, engrained, and automatic emotional response patterns as they occur. The repeated bringing to awareness and allowance of these patterns gradually leads to acceptance, and creates room for wise discernment. Mindfulness is not just knowing what is happening, such as hearing a sound, but knowing it in a certain way: free of grasping, aversion and delusion. It is this freedom that provides the platform for more sustained transformation and insight. Mindfulness helps us break through the habits, the biases and the lies that can be woven around our lives. We can clear away the persistence of those distortions, and their familiarity, and come to much more clearly see for ourselves what is true. When we can see what is true, we can form our lives in a different way. Furthermore, the refining and expanding of patient kindness follows because deepening of insight includes seeing how all of our lives are inextricably interconnected, thus allowing an inclusiveness of caring toward the whole humanity.

The program is also available on weekly basis when necessary.

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